The Sublimes

Professional band for artists


Steffen Morrison


Paul van Kessel

Izaline Calister

Jared Grant

Shirma Rouse

Sherry Dyanne

Amber Gomaa

Kris Rietveld

Lilian Vieira

Kris Berry

Julia Zahra

The Sublimes is one of the finest artist accompaniment bands in The Netherlands. We’ve started our journey in collaboration with Sublime FM and have worked with many talented artists.

The Sublimes is the host of The Court Sessions in De Rechtbank, Utrecht. Every last sunday of the month (from october till april) we invite an artist to join us in concert.

The Band:

Danny La Haye (bass & bandleader)

Sander de Bie (keys)

Damian Corlazolli (guitars)

Sherwin Kirindongo (percussion)

Michael Ehring (drums)


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